What and who do we want to reach?

Within the framework of the project, a test environment for DAB announcements will be created and a possibility for individualised radio announcements will be tested. The project is intended to give impulses in various directions:


The idea of individualised radio news is to reach radio listeners, people interested in radio and participants in the expert user survey. We want to find out what acceptance such a service has, which sources of information are interesting, whether speech synthesis is accepted in the radio programme and which requirements still need to be considered.

Service providers

The radio stations are informed about the project idea, the technical realisation and the results of the project. Important aspects here are the possible programme concepts, the technical preparation of the services and future cooperation and marketing possibilities.


A pre-condition for the market success of such a service is the availability of the announcement feature in the digital radios. Cooperation with receiver manufacturers is therefore a key focus in the project. In addition to providing test data and technical information to the manufacturers, their feedback is important to us for the design, conceptualisation and receiver-side operation of such a service.

Media policy

Media policy is informed in the sense of the funding authority and for regulatory decisions. In the process, the significance and market opportunities of such a concept and the technologies used are to be demonstrated. Furthermore, an exchange with projects in other regions, for example in Norway, is to be initiated.


With the results of the project we want to reach the media as a multiplier to the public.